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By Anika: June 2010

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By Anika

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By Anika: June 2010

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thoughts on love/ Leopard at sea

Today I went to the sea all decked out in leopard! (Appropriate sea-attire, no? LOL)
My sweetheart Alex and I spent a great day with lovely friends, and loved the
boatride back from the island where they live.

My outfit:
Blue leopard dress (Lene V)
Leopardish bolero that I made from a scarf from H&M
Leopard scarf (untouched LOL) (H&M)
Studded taupe sandals (DNA)
Earrings (Vero Moda)
Blue glitzy neckless used as bangle and white ring (both H&M)
Insane curly hair (Windy Oslo)

Oslo in the dusk

Today I have been thinking a lot about love and relationships, especially about
Alex and I. We are going on ten years together,
pretty amazing stuff (lots of hard work, totally worth it)!

I just re-read a post I did on our wedding a few months ago and my lessons learned after our decade together!
Here they are:

1 Develop your sense of humour!

2 Enjoy the everyday pleasures of living together

3 Forgive eachother when you make it absolutely impossible to enjoy the everyday pleasures of

living together (LOL)

4 Don`t live by other peoples advice (time for me to shut it :D )

5 Get married to each other all over again! (Honey, are you reading this? ;D )

I`d like to add a nr. 6.
6. Always stay in touch with your self and your dreams, no matter who you are with or where you are in your life.

Sending you all the warmest of thoughts sweet readers, take care of your precious selves.
(And feel free to show me your sea-worthy attire! ;D )

xoxo Anika

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bolero Bonanza! (How to)

Today I spent an absolutely splendid and happy afternoon with my fabulous sweetheart friend Ragnhild <3
Lying about on cushions, enjoying good food and each others company.. ah, good times! :D

Yesterday a reader named Tina asked if I could share how I make my scarf-come-boleros,
so Tina, this one is for you! :D

1. Pick a scarf!

2. Measure out how long you want the sleeves, and put a safety-pin near your armpit

3. Put a safety-pin close to your other armpit

4. Lay the scarf down and double it up so that the two safety-pins meet.
Cut the the scarf where you measured the first sleeve.

5. Sew from the end of the sleeves to the safety-pin on both sides

6. Frey the egdes on the sleeves or stich them properly if you prefer

7. And voila! Schlep it on and enjoy your handywork!
Of course I had to change my dress to show off the new bolero made from absolutely wild material :)
(The other dress is a reworked tunique from H&M)

This white dress is my own design, teamed up with a kitchy tiger (Pieces), studded bangle (H&M)
and peacock hair piece (Indiska)

This is my beautiful friend Ragnhild, a fashionista in her own right!

Thoughtful as ever, Ragnhild brought me the most fantastic flowers!
Loved them so much we had to enjoy them even in the garden :D

Happily giddy after our hilarious backyard bolero bonanza LOL

xoxo Anika

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Monday, June 28, 2010

I love my scarves, especially after they become dresses and boleros!

You know how I`m always reworking my clothes and making curtain-turned-dresses-turned-jackets-turned-shoes-turned-corsets-turned-shoelaces? Today I am wearing an outfit of scarfes-reworked! LOL!
Not really sure this is normal :D

Here`s the breakdown of the outfit:
Dress that I made from a scarf (Indiska)
Bolero that I made from a scarf (H&M)
Statement neckless (Freequent)
Peacock head dress (Indiska)
Various studded bangles
Sandals that I reworked (Zara)
White ring (H&M)

The scarf before....

...and after!

The sandals before....

....and after I added material from a dress!

Today I`ve been thinking about how much this blogging venture means to me, daring to share and connect with you sweet readers, celebrating my curves and supporting all women regardless of size, it all really means so much to me; thank you all for giving me this opportunity to get to practise what I try to install in the teens I work with: love and respect your self - you are beautiful and worthy!

From the bottom of my heart: <3!

xoxo Anika

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nice tulips!

Sending you lots of love from this tulip in the garden! :D

Brown dress, my design
Cut off top (H&M)
Taupe sandals (DNA)
Earrings (Vero Moda)
Ring (H&M)
Crazy glasses bought in Croatia
Keychain used as neckless (Lindex)

xoxo Anika

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These arms are made for hugging, and that`s just what they`ll do!

Today I enjoyed another lovely day in sunny and warm Oslo with my sugarpie and lovely friends and my handsome brother :). Gay parade, parklife, endeless coffeshops, shopping, peoplewatching and lots of snuggeling up to my sweetheart, oh happy holiday!

My outfit changed during the day, as I added my new earrings and black sheer top (that I cut to size in the dressing room LOL -ignoring the funny looks from the shopgirl :D) (both Vero Moda),
and my latest scarf (H&M). The rest of the outfit was a white dress that I sewed from two dresses (Vero Moda),bangle (H&M), peacock head dress (Indiska),
taupe studded sandals (DNA) 
and studded bag from New York, USA, honey!
(I`ve never been, but my fab sis has! <3)

I have always been very shy about my body, and have spent years working on loving my self, or at least not letting my looks hold me back. I`m still not fully there, all though funnily enough I feel better at nude beaches than in a swimsuit LOL, Rubens in sunset etc, do you get the picture? LOL. Oh dear. Anyways, I am out of my black tents, showing off part of my legs (very risque, I know..), over the whole double-chin thing (chin` chin`! ;D), and even wearing sandals (hooooold the phone!!). I do realize this is all in my head, and that other people probably don`t get shocked be seing me swaying down the streets (that really is the only way to walk with these hips)..but as you probably find your selves, self perception can be a funny thing, even when you are blessed with a husbond and friends and family who are supportive, like I thankfully am.

 So, my latest groundbreaking project is this:

I`m working on not covering my arms up like I used to! After some practise I am happy to report that I am getting to a point where I am feeling more comfortable with these chubby and freakled arms of mine.
 I don`t have a muscle to save my life, but, and this is where the confidence by choice-approach of mine comes in handy; these loving arms are very good for hugging!  ;D!
So, lots of warm hugs all around for you sweetheart readers of mine that I appreciate so!

xoxo Anika

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Strolling the eve away

Tonight I went strolling my neighbourhood with my sweetheart. <3 I was exited to find a Citrouen exactly like the one we had when I was une petite fille in Paris, hence the pose :D

Outfit for the day:
Taupe dress (My design)
White ruffled vest (H&M)
Black studded bolero (originally a plain jacket from H&M that I reworked)
Fringed bag, white ring and leopard scarf (H&M)
Taupe sandals (DNA)
Bangles (Indiska/H&M)
Earrings found in Sarajevo, Bosnia

Tell me sweethearts, are you having a good summer?

xoxo Anika

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Fab link love

Love the style of Letizia of Le blog de letilor, so cute! :D

Equally adorable is the stylings of the Irish lass at Pearls, lace and ruffles <3

I was quite moved reading about Sarah embracing the term "fat". Gotta love that beautiful girl!

It was a proud moment when I learned that Skorch Magazine won for best E-zine mag at the Full Figured Fashion Week in New York recently. I am happy to be a part of the Skorch-team, and even though there has been some controversy surrounding the mag lately, I still believe that Skorch is all about loving and supporting the lovely fashionloving ladies out there. xoxo!

Sometimes the most important things are the simplest ones, like Carla says in her post: You are beautiful!

Stina looks fab even on antibiotics! Get better soon, honey! xx

 Coco rocks! Fathsion -goth style never looked so good! :D

In celebration of the Beth Ditto/Evans-collection coming this autumn I think it appropriate to turn
up the volume on one of my all time fave tracks! Rock on!

 There you go darling readers. <3

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