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Spreading the love: Christina of Randomness à la Mode

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By Anika: Spreading the love: Christina of Randomness à la Mode

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Spreading the love: Christina of Randomness à la Mode

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By Anika: Spreading the love: Christina of Randomness à la Mode

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Spreading the love: Christina of Randomness à la Mode

Today it is my pleasure to spread the love for the lovely and chic Christina of Randomness à la Mode!
I love her blog and her style, and she is so sweet.

Thanks for taking part Christina!

Here we go:

Could you share with us your thoughts on fashion vs fatshion?

There shouldn’t be a fashion vs. fatshion! By saying “fashion vs. fatshion”, we are making it look like they are rivals that are constantly in a fight against each other, always trying to make the other look inferior. In my opinion it should be fashion AND fatshion, together, working hand in hand, and using one another to create looks that EVERYONE can wear, regardless of their size or shape!

What is your philosophy with regard to fashion?

I'm not very fashionable myself, so to say, but I do believe that fashion and fatshion are both about dressing in a way that makes you feel and look beautiful, confident, and unique. We should make styles our own and wear only what WE want to wear, with no regards for others opinions. A person’s style should be influenced by their own individuality and not by the ever changing trends we normally see.

I would love for you to share three of your fave looks.

My style, like my blog title may imply, is pretty random! But i do like to mix things that are both vintage and trendy to create looks that are "casual chic" :) It took me a while to try to decide which looks were my favorites! LOL But these are definitely the ones I like most!! =D

Look #1: This is my most favorite look of all time! I was very insecure about wearing shorts back then, and this outfit is the first time i have worn shorts in a very long time! Now, of course, i feel a lot more confident in shorts, but that wasnt always the case. This outfit was the monumental point where I broke out of my comfort zone and tried something new!!! The shorts were DIY from an old pair of jeans...I don't have any "real" pairs of shorts in my closet! haha

Look #2: Love this skirt! I have had it forever and it's soooo pretty and comfortable. It's also very versatile, so i can dress it up or wear it casually, and still look nice!

Look #3: Although this is a very new look for me, i am quite fond of it! This is one of my more unique dresses, since i don't have very many of them in this style (not only because it's very dressy, but also because its very body fitting) It took me a long time to feel comfortable enough with myself to wear this dress, but i do love how it looks and how I feel in it!

How does blogging impact your life?

I love blogging! I’m pretty new to the blogging world (I started my blog in April) but already I feel like I am a part of a big, loving family. I wasn’t always as confident as I am now, and use to dress in a way that wouldn’t bring attention to myself. And trust me, I use to hate shopping for clothes because I could never find something that was cute and would fit me properly. When I was younger, I struggled with my self esteem and my weight for years; I went through the whole tortuous diet and exercise phase, only to gain it all back... until one day I finally realized that I was doing all this to please others, even if it was making me miserable and depressed. By finding and reading all these fabulous blogs full of curvy, confident, plus size girls, I realized that I wanted to be just like them! They didn’t care what people said about them, and could rock leggings, short skirts, and sexy bodycon dresses as well as (and sometimes even better than) any thin woman out there. Blogging alongside these wonderful girls has made me more confident and helped me learn to love and accept all of my body (belly included)!! I now know that being a couple of sizes larger does not and should not change how I feel about myself nor how people feel about me. I’m fat and proud! Now I wear what I want and for the first time ever I am happy to be me! J

Do you have a message for all the fashion-loving ladies out there, whatever their size?

I hope I can inspire you as much as these other young ladies have inspired me! Just remember that being different, unique, etc. is not a bad thing! Never let people persuade you into feeling otherwise! Wear what you want! Wear what makes you look and feel good! Stand tall, stand proud, stand out!! Once you learn to love and embrace yourself and your body the way it is, life gets a little more cheery! ;)
To read my motivation for starting this series and enjoy more features go to the Spreading the love-page.

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At August 14, 2010 at 10:31 PM , Blogger Jennifer aka. Jasifer said...

she's such a sweetheart :)

At August 14, 2010 at 11:57 PM , Blogger Weesha said...

love her, she's sooo cute!!

At August 15, 2010 at 10:01 AM , Blogger Maria said...

aww, i loved her answer regarding fashion vs. fatshion. I like her style too, she always rocks it no matter what it is.

At August 15, 2010 at 12:58 PM , Blogger Anika Sweetfaced Style said...

I couldn`t agree more ladies! :) glad you enjoyed this feature! xx

At August 15, 2010 at 9:04 PM , Blogger Christina said...

Thanks so much again for featuing me, Ankia! :)

Thanks also to Jennifer, Weesha, and Maria!

You girls are the best!!! =D

Much Love,

Christina <3


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