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Hourglass, honey!

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By Anika: Hourglass, honey!

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Hourglass, honey!

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By Anika: Hourglass, honey!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hourglass, honey!

In my opinion dressing fab is all about knowing my shape, forget about the tyranny of size! How many hours haven`t I spent in dressing rooms agonizing over my size - well, honey, let me tell you, I`m not doing that to my self no more! I am all hourglass -and loving it!

One of my fave hourglass-honeys putting the V in the va va vooooom has to be ms. Monroe:

Smoking hot! The hips, the waist, the knockers!

For more pics of fab hourglass-honeys feast your eyes at

Knowing our shape means that we can put together looks that are perfect for us, whatever our size, bringing out all of our lovely features - because, yes, we all are beautiful in our individual ways.

Here`s a great example of a georgeous woman owning herself- hourglass style:

Confidence! Now that`s sexy :)

After much trial and error I have learned what works best on me(tight fitting, not clingy or to big), and now I always have fun mixing up my staple shapes in different ways. Here`s my go-to-list of shapes that highlight my curves:

1 The dress! Flowing fabrics, scooped or v-necklinesa, structured shapes on top that show of my waist (after I`ve sewn them in.. the clothes that fit my generous hips and chest always give me a trunk-like appearance if I don`t seriously take them in at the waist) and a slightly A-line skirt that stops just below my dimpled knees that I normally only flash while dancing to the bhangra or whatever else gets me going (doesn`t take much ;) ).
2 The bolerostyle jacket/cardi! No point trying to button jackets that just weren`t made for shapes such as mine, so rather than looking bulky in oversized jackets I tailor them to fit my torso and show of the goods as it were.
3 Accessories! Yes please, long neclesses, georgous shoes that give me that "well, hello-there" walk, scarves, handbags...and whatever other goodies I feel like :)

Here are three takes on my go-to-shapes:

Reworked flowing empireline dress with bolerojacket, long neckless and wegdes

Reworked ruffled dress with waistband, layered cardi/bolero with long necless and bangles

Reworked empireline tunic with a fringed tote.. and humorous glasses
All though I personally feel more comfortable in an A-line skirt, I would like to take the hiploving to the next stage and go for the mermaid-style skirt, here beautifully demonstrated by a yummy hourglass-honey:

Here are two slimmer beautys working the same shape. See? Size-shmize, who cares? :)

Kate! Halle! Yooouuuuuzzzaaaa!!! :)

Did you know that the women of Britain recently voted Nigella Lawsons hourglass figure their dream figure? Gotta love that! Not to mention that this unabashed women demonstrates the pleasure of maintaining her figure by feasting on all kinds of yummy treats on a regular basis!
Cupcakes please!

Girlfriends, this is a call for you to join me in learning to know and love your shape whatever your size -get in front of the mirror, unclasp the hands from your face and go on a hunt for your beautiful shape, it is so worth it, however gutwrencing it can be. I seriously think we ought to love ourselves a little more - what a waste to not be our own best friends?

Big love to you all! XXX

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love u too!

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