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Q&A: A tribute to mum!

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By Anika: Q&A: A tribute to mum!

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Q&A: A tribute to mum!

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By Anika: Q&A: A tribute to mum!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Q&A: A tribute to mum!

This week the topic of the Q&A is the stylings of my mum!

Want to join in the Q&As courtesy of Katy of Modly Chic? Come on over!

On to the tribute to my darling mum:

1 Which character trait of your mother's do you hope to emulate?

My mum is an amazing person, with tremendous strength, generousity, sensitivity and grace. She shows me how to take life on and not give up, and I am very grateful for our relationship. If I have to choose just one trait of hers to emulate, it has to be her courage in living life with such humour! She is inspires me with her ability to find the funny in lifes more or less welcome surprises, and is still able and willing to grow as a person. It is such a beautiful and moving thing to get to know my mother again and again as we both change and reach for each other, and embrace each others similarities and differences.
That is simply love.

2 What are your thoughts on your mother's sense of fashion?

My darling mum is seriously fashionable and very creative, I get my love for all things fab and creative from her. My mum is originally an interiour designer, and she has always showcased and allowed for that playful and humouristic approach to fashion and design that I now enjoy and explore in my own life. Growing up I got to wear her designs, and I took -and still take- great pleasure in that. She has always been a great inspiration to me in terms of my personal style, and I waisted no time getting into her closet and make up-box!

My love for shoes started early, here I am rocking mums purple stilettoes at two years old.
Great shoes!

At two years old I had my face on and places to go!

3. When you reach your 70's you want people to look at you and think...

... now there is a woman who seems to have enjoyed her life, and hey - she sure dresses well! But what a deep roaring laughter from such an old woman! (Thanks mum, for my not so feminine giggle! My only consolation is that my sister laughs the same way, and yes, we have been known to stop traffic when we get going! Roaring LOL!) I fully intend to make the most of every part of my life, and collect some hard earned wrinkles on the way!

4. What piece or pieces from your mom's closet would you like to incorporate into your own?

Well let`s just say that the verb should be used in past tense! My mum is a collector unlike anyone I know, she`s always told us to just wait and see, soon enough the trends will have come around again and we`ll be hankering for her old bags, scarves and coats. And, she is right, to my absolute thrill; going down to my mums basement is like stepping in to a permanent flea market with shining gems waiting to be reworked and worn. Growing up I always loved to delve in to her closet as well, and we`ve shared many lovely moments in her bedroom with me trying her stuff on, before resting together in her bed after pulling all her clothes out of her closet. Sweet times.

I have to say though that one of my most treasured possesions that I have received from mum (and there are many, as she is so good at getting me gifts that I just love) is a diamond ring that she had replicated after one of her own that my sis and I have always loved. We both got one, isn`t that sweet?

I wear the string of diamonds with my wedding band and a sweetheart ring from my husbond on top.

Speaking of my mum and jewllery, I simply have to share that she keeps hers in a box for chocolates!
How fab is that!

5. What I like best about my mother is...

.. her smile! It simply melts my heart.

Jeg er så glad i deg mamman min!

xoxo Anika

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