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By Anika: April 2010

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By Anika

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By Anika: April 2010

Friday, April 30, 2010

Birds in flight - the printed dress

Today I`m working this printed dress, wearing this flight of birds put me in a happy mood - perfect for gearing up for the weekend!

I mixed the dress with a purple scarf, a statement neckless, sweet hued bling and grey booties

Apricot delights meet colourful birds

Sweet and tough contrasts

Tell me dear fashionlovers, are you loving the printed dress-trend?


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Friday Q&A: Inspiration

A while back my fellow fashion blogger Katy Rose of ModlyChic invited me to join in her weekly Q&A to fashion bloggers, and I am more than happy to take part! Here are last weeks Q&A on Inspiration:

1. What celebrity (celebrities) do you look to for Fashion inspiration?

I look to celebrities who dress with personality and flair for inspiration, I like the styles of Nicole Richie, Diane Kruger, Gwyneth Paltrow, Zoe Saldana and Sarah Jessica Parker aka Carrie to name a few.

Zoe Zaldana

                                                                        Nicole Richie


2. When it comes to your own personal style what inspires you?

Everything inspires me! Seing people in the streets, a detail of a garment, a photograph, a piece of fabric that I mentally envision as a dress I want to make. Also, interiour design often inspires my style of fashion, and actually my interiour designs and fashion designs reflect each other (even to the point where a cushion cover will become a vest or a purse will double up as a cushion cover haha)

3. How do you hope to inspire your readers with your posts?

By sharing my joy in fashion and my hard earned postive outlook on life I hope to convey to my readers a sense of playfulness, freedom of self expression and selfrespect in how we adress fashion and our selves. Understand your shape and dress it with confidence, if the clothes don`t fit, tailor them to complement you, if you like something, work it your own way regardless of trends, look for the fun and potential in fashion and celebrate who you are!

4. Outside the fashion and beauty realm who inspires you most?

I`m inspired by people who dare to live their lives fully, with intention and vulnerability, who pay it forward and dare to recieve. Everyday heroes like the kids I teach, my husbond, friends and family, and leaders like Martin L. King jr and Nelson Mandela. I`m not impressed by status, it`s who you are as a person that I`m interested in and inspired by.

5. In the realm of Idol... what song(s) inspire you?

A song that really touches me lately is "Connected" by Eric Bibb. The text is so beautiful:
../Got my own roots to water/ Got my own truth to live/ Got my own rivers to cross -in my own time/ Still, I`m connected to you and everyone, and everything/. Now that`s poetry!

Want to join in the Q&A`s or check out Katy Roses blog?
Go to


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Monday, April 19, 2010

White ruffles making a statement

I love mixing basic colours and making an outfit interesting by layering patterns and textures.
Today I am toughening up my new white ruffled vest with a lepoard scarf and statement neckless.

Flowy white layers of ruffles on my new H&M vest, with the contrasting rough neckless


My darling fashionistas, how do you like to mix up your basics?

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Sunday, April 18, 2010


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Monday, April 12, 2010

Fierce Carmakoma-lovin`!

As the Norwegian Fashion Editor to Skorch Magazine I have humbly taken it upon my self to share with you the best of the curvy fashion that`s sizzeling on this side of the pond. :)

I`d like to start this venture by giving a shoutout for the fabulous Danish plus-size fashion treats brought to us by the great designers at Carmakoma! These clothes are all about great fit, and not compromizing on style one bit. (In fact, these clothes make me grateful for curvy my hips, and that has to be a staple of great fashion, haha!)

Carmakoma ships world wide, which is so great!

Here`s a peak at their new collection, enjoy ladies:)

The designers of Carmakoma were even featured at the plus size and community resource 100% People. Surf on over to check out their great interview...after you enjoy the fierce fashion at

That`s all the shameless plugging for now :D
All the best, Anika xxx

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Into the wild

I love mixing different textures, and this Saturday I went (into the) wild mixing taupe leopard and snake with studs and fringes! Let me tell you, going wild sure made for a fab day! (What goes on in the wild stays ... well, you get my point ;D ).

Here`s me craking up in my leopard and snake skarves mixed with cropped jean jacket, neckless, black dress, studded bag, belted boots....

... ah yes, and my bonkers leopard glasses! ( I like to get at least one fun pair every season, to my husbonds great amusement: "love it!" He watches Dr. Phil, what can I say haha)

On to the details:

Love my new neckless!

It`s wild and lovely, taupe leopard meets snake!

My fab new studded bag fresh from New York,baby! (Thanks sis! xx)

Buckle up!

My well worn belted booties.
What do you say my fashionistas, feel like going into the wild?

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mixing it up

I don`t know about you, my fellow fashion-lovers, but I don`t normally like to wear the same outfits several days in a row, mixing it up keeps it more fun I think. However, after a shopping spree last week I have found myself wanting to enjoy my new fave accessories several days in a row, so I have had fun wearing them each day, worked with a different mix of dresses and colours.

Here are two of my outfits with my fave grey scarf, pink ring and grey wegdes from this week:

Grey loves colour:
Grey booties and scarf mixed with one of my all time fave purple dresses from Monsoon, grey vest, feathered headband and pink ring. Oh and a wee twinkle ;)

Grey goes muted:
Grey scarf and booties mixed with a muted brown dress, black vest, pink ring and my husbonds watch, and a smile :)
Here are the closeups of my lovely treats:

My lovely fringed grey scarf from St.Tropez, birds and all. And my new pink ring from H&M

Grey wegded booties from H&M, with mud :)

Tell me, what are your fave spring-loving accessories these days?

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Gray dress duplex

What to do when you find a fab dress that doesn`t fit? Get two!

Never one to succumb to the tyranny of size, that`s what I did when I spotted a lovely grey dress adorned with a studded neckline from Gina Tricot that I simply couldn`t leave without.

(I`ve spent years working up the courage to go to shops that don`t carry my size without feeling like an absolute schmuck, and now that I really feel that it`s not me and my size that`s the problem I`m making the most of this positive outlook on fashion, -because I`m bloody well worth it, haha! )

So, home I went, and after a bit of cutting and sewing I was ready to go out that night in my one of a kind flowy grey dress.

I actually love the studs on the dress so much that now the neckline from the second dress is humouristically displayed in our spare room!
Let`s face it though, it probably is only a matter of time before the neckline has been reworked into a bag, courtesy of yours truly :D

Like the grey studded look? Here are some more grey goodies. Yes please!

Studded grey scarf

Grey studded bag

Grey studded ankletwister :)

Grey and white dress

Grey coat with amazing tailoring at the back

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Crop the jacket -not the attitude!

Last weekend I enjoyed the sights of the pretty city of Stavanger, Norway where my sweetheartfriend lives. True to form I defied the weather gods that kept the rain and snow pouring down -- this is as sensible as I get clotheswise my friends! Ain`t nothing wrong with a less than sensible attitude, no?

Speaking of form -not function- I thought I should point out my lovely little cropped jacket that I was rocking with a blue leopardprinted dress, leopard scarf, fringed bag and belted booties on that rather chilly day.

Until a week ago that jacket was my previously mentioned wintercoat that I embellished with sequins last year! With the promise of spring came the urge to crop the jacket (saving money was of course the sensible reasoning behind giving the coat a second life as a jacket instead of bying a new one) (which might have backfired completely had I screwed it up and been in need of a new jacket all togheter) (but back to living in the moment and not worrying about the sensibility of it all) (..and to be fair, saving money didn`t occur to me at that cutting moment, feeling sassy in a cropped jacket, however, did!)

I love my newly cropped jacket, and have gladly suffered the bouts of laughter coming from my friends and family, who have reminded me that spring in Norway is less than warm and reliable (thanks guys, that`s real helpful to my freezing `tush! )

All I can say to you sensible souls out there who don`t get to experience the thrill of that "shit - what am I doing!?!"-moment mid spontanious jacket-cropping while realizing that the reported spring was just that, is this:

WOOL-PANTIES yall! (Work it, wooork it :)) )

Here are the before and afters of the coat come jacket:

Reworked winter coat

Cropped early spring jacket
Have fun with your fashion my fellow fashionistas, otherwise, what`s the point?
(Current weather: cloudy, 38 F that feel like 35F. I love spring! :D )

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Military Chic - Skorch style!

Copyrights belong to

While we`re waiting for the April issue of Skorch Magazine I thought I`d share my first piece for the mag that appeared in the March issue, Military Chic.
Sure is fun to be a Fashion Editor!

Now Skorch magazine can be read online for free and the Skorch blog is also a good site to check out:

Happy surfing!

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