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By Anika: January 2010

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By Anika: January 2010

Friday, January 29, 2010

Skorching hot!

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One week after starting my blog I was contacted by the fabulous Editor -in-Chief of the fashion magazine Skorch with a very exiting proposal: Would I like to join their great venture as a Fashion Editor? (!!!!) (Um, YES!) (No point playing hard to get there ;) ).

The filosofy of Skorch magazine is one that I can whole-heartedly get behind; trendy fashion for full-figured women.. (work them curves, my honeys!). I love what the mag is doing, mirroring back a positive image of women everywhere, showcasing how lovely we all are, just as we are (is that a "hell -YES/hallelujah" I hear?)

You know, finding a way to accept -and even love ourselves and our shape can be one massive challenge, but celebrating ourselves in style and not apologizing for being who we are can bring such healing and zest for life. To me, the possibility of getting to that place makes the tough process of being the best me that I can be worth it.

And also, I find that chocolate helps along the way. ;)

Make sure you check out the sizzeling style at or check out the Skorch-group on Facebook. Hot!

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Romantic stud

It has to be said that my number one romantic stud is my husbond :) (thanks for our nine years together ljubavi! )

My number two favourite take on studs gone romantic combines two of my great fashion loves:

Soft pink....

... and studs baby! (On everything!) (No need to go there people, what kind of girl do you take me for!?) (... right. No comment hahha)

A while back I picked up a smashing long studded pink jacket, that quickly became a vest when I chopped off the sleeves to make room for my rococo-style arms :). I also changed the shape of the jacket turned vest by cutting off some of the length, leaving me with a glamorous bolero-type shape with long lapels. Here`s how I`m working my romantic stud tomorrow (hey.. we already had this talk, right! Oh, forget it; hoooooooney ;))))) )
Pink studded vest mixed with brown dress, studded neckless, brown ring and headband


Detail of studded neckless and vest

Studs and fake feathers all the way

You know how trends come and go? Personally, I`ll stick to a trend as long as I want to, having fun bringing it up to date, but let me tell you, the studded fashion ain`t going nowhere yet, it still has an other season in it, so it`s not to late for you to bring the stud to your own closet,romantically- or whichever way you fancy (...) (!!!) (;) )


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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kimono Flambe

Did you know that the word "kimono" means "something to wear" in Japanese?
I love kimonos, the really good ones are pieces of art I feel, and also they`re perfect for slipping in (and out of) whether it be for day or night. Before I show you my take on something to wear, let me show you this beauty:

(the colours!)

Seing as how those sleeves might be slightly impractical, (except for involuntary dusting) (which come to think of it might be an undiscovered niche..."Get your dust-bustin`dress today, folks! "), here`s tomorrows subdued version of going Japanese (that has me jerking to a stop when ever my sleeves get stuck on handles/flowerpots and what not). I should also mention that it`s highly flammable (no, not because I`m on fire in it... or yes, actually if I get to close to burning candles that`s exactely what I would be. Note to self, when buying silky-looking-polyester accessorize with fire-extinguisher ;) )

Dark blue Kimono found in Canada this summer, mixed with reworked purple scarf from Zara , sequined tie from Noa Noa, white bangle and earrings and nude wegdes from Vagabond

Scarf, sequined tie and birds defying gravity

I`ll leave you for now with another Japanese beauty: The cherry blossom :)

Cherry blossom-heaven

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Feeling fringy

No my friends, rest assured that it hasn`t quite come to this - but I am bonkers about frills!
I can`t explain the joy fringes give me (if anyone out there knows if this qualifies me for a diagnoses DON`T tell me, I`m very happy with my fringy state of mind thanks very much) (a tad passiv-agressive there I do realize :) ), I just know that I can`t get enough of them. I think it appeals to the playful side of me, but I`ll stop short of going into the other ways fringes can produce exitement when applied correctly (ooops, sorry mum, involuntary bloggingtics!)
While waiting for TopShop to go Norwegian I pilgrimed to TopShop in Split, Croatia this summer, and welcomed this fringe-bag into my extensive bag-fam. Here`s what I`ll be mixing it with tomorrow:

Black bag from TopShop, white reworked dress from Vera Moda, brown reworked sweater-come-cardi, sequined black bolero from Noa Noa, leopard scarf from H&M, blue neckless used as bangle from H&M, keychain used as neckless and belted boots from Økonomisko

Detail of the blue pop of colour

Detail of the sequined bolero

Fringes and ruffles in sweet harmony

Finally, while I`m on the frilly subject of things, can I just put out there I`d love to get me some of this!

Peeptoed fringed bootie

Oh, and best throw in one of these to go aswell ;))

Fringe out yall!

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Leopardious shades of Grrrrrey

I love to work the current trends in a less obvious way.. and one of my faves at the moment is leopard gone grey. Not so in your face, but still with it, Anika-style :)
Here`s what I schlepped on this morning:

Glitzy grey leopard bolero that I chopped the sleeves of from Vero Moda, mixed with grey dress from Noa Noa worked into an empire line, pompons for lampshades grazing my very own ;), and brown ring

Detail of leopardious greys

... and me feeling it today ;))) (This is not my normal workface you understand, but going leopard sure can bring out the rrrr in you!)

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Sequined seatjumping

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Tomorrow I`m enjoying the farewell tour of the glorious Riverdance company with my familiy (thanks mum!). I can`t wait, I absolutely love dance, and I still remember seing the company completely upstage the Eurovisions competers when they blasted on to the stage in the break, dancing their way into an incredibly successful carrier on the world stage.
In college my friends and I paid tribute to this dance fenomenon when we riverdanced at a school concert. The effect on the audience was tangible, but in hindsight that may have had something to do with the slightly unfortunate green costumes we were flying about in :)
About ten years ago my family and I saw their show, and I tell you, I was absolutely jumping in my seat (it was a seated concert, and while I`m on the topic: what is that about! The people (me) need to move and groove!!). The dancing and the music was every bit as amazing as I had hoped, and the moment has stayed with me since. No pressure or anything, but I hope for nothing less tomorrow.
So, on to what to wear to such an occasion. Today I picked up this sequined rayon top, whose shape doesn`t do anything for me at all, but whose colours I fell in love with. So, off came most of the fabric, leaving me with a colourful top perfect for the dancefloor -and seatjumping.
Sequined top from H&M

Reworked sequined top mixed with a reworked white dress, belted boots, a keychain-come-neckless... and lots of bling!

Detail of the delicious pinks and greens

Detail of the contrasting colours and materials

Speaking of Riverdance, do you remember their first star dancer? If not, let me introduce you to Michael Flatley: amazing dancer, complete showoff, devoid of a sense of humour about himself.

Copyrights belong to
He soon left the Riverdance company to start his own company called Lord of the Dance (understated, no?), and begun competing with the Riverdance company. Let`s just say it wasn`t his best career move. Anyways, I only bring this up because it brings me to one of my other all time life-impacting moments: Seing the glorious performance that Stavros and his lovely son gave us on Britains got talent! Presenting.... STAVROS FLATLEY!!!

Copyrights belong to
Seing Stavros and his son absolutely nail Flatleys attitude and dance their socks off Greek style, with such charm and carisma, left me screaming with laughter and pure joy - and still does every time I watch the clip. I tell you, this is on a need-to-see-basis!!!! I am eternally grateful to Michael Flatley for inspiring Stavros to take Riverdance to the ultimate level! ;))))))
Take a deep breath and get ready for Riverdance goes Greek at

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Soultry love!

I simply have to share some more pics from V-magazines shape issue that`s out now.

Check out these soultry and confident women! Love it!

Copyrights belong to

Copyrights belong to

How`s that for a tribute to one of my all time fashion heroes!
(Honey, we need to buy white roses! ;) )
For more fab pics check out my post "Curves ahead" and Enjoy!

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Destination purple

For my birthday last year my husbond surprised me with a trip to Dublin with a sweet sweet friend :)

We had a smashing time -save the snowstorms over Europe causing our car to crash on our way out of Dublin airport - not a flying start you might say, all though the police officer whose comment was "GRAND!" might have had a different take on it. Mind you, he did get to meet two damzels in distress ;) On our return the same flipping snowstorm prevented our plane from landing in Oslo, and thus we found ourselves stranded at an airstrip hours away from where my bloody surpriseparty was in full swing !!!! - or so I was told over the phone. Happy 30th. Every now and then I would get a call from guests toasting my birthday.. leaving me laughing through tears. At that point I was exhausted from our eleven hour long trip, very touched by the the lovely surprise party, and finally amused at the hilariously shitty birthday it had turned out to be. Through it all it must be said that my friend was a true pilar of support and care. Got to love that girl! :)

We finally arrived at the party 15 minutes before midnight... just in time for a quick sucession of speeches, dancing and leftovers. For months after my friends would share stories about my birthdayparty, only to point out that I wouldn`t know, seing as I hadn`t actually been there (at this point they would be roaring with laughter)... I love a good story, and this is certainly one of the better ones :). For this years upcoming celebrations I can inform you that I fully intend to show up - I ain`t going nowhere this year, surprise or no surprise!

But back to lovely Dublin. I was a woman on a mission let me tell you, and my primary destination in Dublin was one of my all time fave stores: Monsoon!

A few hours after crashing our car, trying to get a new rental, finding out that we couldn`get a new one and driving our wrecked car to our hotel accompanied by funny stares from other drivers, we rushed into Monsoon where I picked up a purple dress with my name on it.
And so, the holiday could finally begin :)

Here`s my black meets purpulicious for tomorrow:

Purple silk dress from Monsoon, reworked into an empire line, sequined wool jacket turned cardi, bangle bought in Croatia, neckless from Indiska and belted boots from Økonomisko

Sequined detail of the cardi

Detail of the dress with neckless

Detail of the dress, bangle and belted boot

Want to take a trip to Monsoon for yourself? Enjoy the fashions at

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Daytime luxury

I like to bring evening pieces to daytime by mixing them with neutrals, putting together outfits that feel luxurios without being to dressed up. Tomorrow I`ll be mixing my new glitzy apricot bolero with muted browns and greys :)

Reworked brown dress from Noa Noa, reworked bolero from H&M, shoelaces used as neckless, headband from H&M, bangle bought in Croatia and wegdes from Vagabond

Detail of the sequined shoulder

Detail of the bolero, bangle and neckless

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Feeling spotty!

This is what my TV has been showing me today.. ever returning spots!
Looking at the lumicent spots got me to thinking about... SPOTS (can`t always be profound, can I?!)
Spots hit the runways every now and then, think 1950`s reworked! -Spots all around!

Copyrights belong to
Fashion and interiour design often draw inspiration from each other and mutually set the trends that filter into our homes and into our wardrobes. Personally I would love to have an outfit inspired by this glouriously decorated room :)))))

Copyrights belong to
Completely over the top and bold! Which in my book often can be said of good fashion as well, LOVE IT!
So, all this pondering the spotty aspects of things got me wondering what I`ve got in my home and closet that dot the i`s? After looking around for a couple of minutes here`s what I can report back to you -my captivated audience (hypnotized yet?)

Spotty scarf in black and blue from Vera Moda

Spotty mug complements of my highly skilled bargain hunter-mum

Spots of gold on my sariscarf

All spotty cushion from Day Home

Leopardspots on my glitzy bolero from Only

Spots on my lanterns from Copenhagen even!

Finally, my piece de la resistance: my completely bonkers spotty sunglasses from H&M (yes, I do wear them in public ;) )
Quite the compilation, no? I bet you are surrounded by spots too, you just need to notice them. Mind, protective goggles are recommended, take it from me, to much spottiness will go to your head.
I don`t feel too good. Next time: quadrants! (Hold on for this cliffhanger my good people!)
I need a pill.

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